Barre Workouts Aren't Just For Dancers

Ballet inspired classes and studios are popping up everywhere promising a workout to tone and lift, but not add bulk.  Getting lean, sculpted muscles like a ballerina and a strong core are major selling points for these workouts.  Celebrities swear by the workouts, so should you try it?

These classes are built on high repetitions to fatigue followed by stretching the fatigued muscle immediately after.   It is a combination of floor, light weights and barre work utilizing principles from ballet, Pilates and yoga.  Each movement is executed with tiny pulses to fatigue that muscle and can ultimately leave you shaky, which is a good sign!

Although this is a great workout and builds strength, balance and flexibility, it is not a cardio workout.  Your heart rate will increase with the work you do, but will not get your heart pumping like a run or spin class.

There are many modifications that can be given for all the exercises, so don’t be afraid to try it!