August Takeaway Message

Walking and Running are by far the two most popular go to’s for exercise due to their ease of practice and economy.

Walking can be a great low impact way to achieve general health benefits, daily caloric burn, and minimum aerobic benefits. Running engages larger muscle groups, and uses more energy and oxygen to complete. Both however, are great for overall health and decreasing mortality risk. Choose the one that you feel the most comfortable starting with regarding any injuries or disabilities.

Monitor how you feel using the Rating of Perceived Exertion, or Borg scale, to keep in tune with how your body is responding to the new activity.

Determine your activity level using the FITT principle, and Borg Scale combined. Assign every activity a frequency of days per week to engage in, time to complete it, level of intensity to practice. Also make sure you choose a type of activity that you enjoy. Low impact cardio, such as walking is always a safe way to start. It is enjoyable for most of the population, needs no equipment, and can be done outside for maximum enjoyment!

Enjoy this simple guide to starting your walking or running routine TODAY! And remember…

Here at Princeton Longevity Center, we are here to help you REACH YOUR POTENTIAL!