Attention, Attention, Calling All Parents!!

Attention, Attention, Calling All Parents!!

Are you a parent with young children?  If so, you are probably in the middle of a spring sport season.  Your little athlete is pouring their heart and soul out onto the field and enjoying some good ol’ fashion fun!  However, with sports games comes the dreaded Sideline Snacks!

As a parent of three sport-playing children, I am aware of the range of snacks that can be present after the whistle blows.  Often time these Sideline Snacks range from cupcakes and Kool-Aid to oranges slices and water.  I know none of us want to be “that” parent – but I have to ask you: parent to parent, if we know how important it is for our children to participate in sports, why are we ok with them consuming sugary treats and beverages after completing a healthy activity?  Proper nutrition is a key component to a healthy life.  With childhood obesity and Type 2 diabetes on the rise, take advantage of the Sideline Snack time and use it as an opportunity to further develop the understanding of proper nutrition

Did you know?

A typical 8 year old burns only 150 calories playing a 1 hour game.

Did you also know?

 The typical post- game snack contains between 300-500 calories!

What can we do? Take a step back and reconsider the Sideline Snack.  Offer an option that will support your child’s health and wellness.  By doing so, you are reinforcing a positive association between exercise and healthy eating.

As difficult as it can be, I encourage keeping snacks like cupcakes, cookies, and donuts in their place as “special occasion foods” (birthdays and celebrations).  When selecting a Sideline Snack, consider what your child needs, not what they want.

Below you will find suggestions that are simple, healthy, and cost-friendly alternatives to high- sugar snacks and beverages.  These items and be found at your local grocery store or on AmazonFresh.  Choose a healthy snack such as a clementine and pair it with a frozen chobani tube yogurt.  Find a balance between “fun” and healthy.

“In a Rush” Whole Fruit Ideas:

Bananas (budget friendly!)


Clementines (easy for little hands to peel)


Peaches or nectarines


Some Extra Time – Cut Fruit Ideas:

Orange slices (tried and true)

Watermelon cut into wedges or sticks (here’s how)

Fruit kebabs with grapes, melon, and strawberries

Lots of Extra Time – Cleaver Ideas:

Paper cups of berries

Individual bags of baby carrots (look for these in the store by the regular carrots)

Baggies of sliced peppers and celery sticks

Snack-size cups of melon

Small paper cups of grapes

Paper cup or baggie of cherries

Small boxes of raisins

Cups of sugar snap peas (nice and sweet!)

Cups of pineapple chunks

No Time! Point and Click Snacks Ideas: (click on links below)

Box of Raisins

Apple slices

Snyder’s of Hanover Mini Pretzels 48-count,


Fruit pouches such as apple sauce

Fruit cups (in juice)

Squeeze yogurt (you could even freeze this for added coolness)

Chobani Yogurts

Mini waters

Snack mix

Granola Bar (keep sugar 7grams or less)

Fruit Party Pack

Check out RealMom nutrition for more snack ideas!