5 Exercises to do in the Water

Working out in the pool provides resistance as well as provides a great cardiovascular exercise.  The water is easier on the joints but will still enable you to work on your balance, strength and endurance.  Below are 5 great exercises to do in your pool this summer!

1.  Water Jogging.  Jog for 1-3 minute intervals.  You can either jog at a waist high depth, or jog across the pool at a deeper depth making it more difficult since you will not be able to touch the ground.

2. Wall Climbs.  This will incorporate core balance, leg and back strength.  You will need to stabilize your body using your arms in a back and forth motion almost like treading water with your hands.  You will then walk your feet up the side of the pool at least 4 steps and back down.

3.  Planks.  You can do planks in the pool as long as you have a noodle or board.  You will press it into the water with both hands and keep it below the water.  Try to stay stable for 1-2 minutes.

4.  Leg Raises.  Holding on to the noodle or the side of the pool, raise leg straight to the back to work the hamstring and glutes, raise it to the outside to work the inner and outer thighs and lift the leg to the front to get a quad workout.  The water will act as resistance to make it more difficult.

5. Squat Jumps.  This will be the same as on land, but again, the water will provide more resistance to make this exercise more difficult.  Squat all the way down and then jump up and out of the water.