40 Things you can Do Today to End Mindless Eating

by Staci O’Connor MS, RD, CDN

Take a walk / Drink a glass of water / Chew gum / Call a friend / Make a “To Do” list / Floss and brush your teeth / Read a great book / Flip through a magazine / Give yourself a manicure / Write up a healthy meal plan for yourself and your family / Play a card game / Play a game on the internet / Take 5 slow, deep breaths / Cuddle with your child and read them a book / Start a new hobby / Knit / Shuffle cards / Dance / Make a healthy meal for your family / Walk your dog / Do a few push-ups / Clean out a junk draw / Take a hot soothing bath / Look at pictures / Fold laundry / Start a new project that you have been wanting to get to / Plan a date night for your significant other / Meditate / Help your child with their homework / Take a bike ride / Do some yard work / Clean out your closet / Do some stretches / Update your calendar / Set goals for yourself / Make a list that you can post of your “Top Reasons to Get More Active” / Practice an instrument / Pet your cat / Balance your checkbook / Get a massage