4 tips for making exercise a habit in 2024


  1. Physically attend the gym every day
  • Doing so  gets you in the habit of working out more frequently
  • On “rest days” or days where you simply don’t feel like working out, Simply show up and casually walk on the treadmill or watch your favorite show while pedaling on the recumbent bike. 
  • Over time, this at a bare minimum will help contribute to weekly caloric expenditure  and most importantly adherence to a workout routine


  1. Split your weight training up (but not too much)


  • The American College of Sports Medicine advises that we target every major muscle group 2-3x per week as well as at least 48 hours rest before working out a specific muscle group again. 
  • While a 2-3x per week full body workout routine would accomplish this, less frequent training can create an idea that exercise is a chore rather than a healthy habit. 
  • Split routines like Upper/Lower and Push/Pull/Legs allow for muscle groups to be hit at least 2x per week, appropriate rest in between each type of workout, as well as an incentive for more frequent training

  1. Make exercise social

    • Bring a friend!  You can be trustworthy spotters for each other as well as pass the time by during steady-state cardio. 
    • Join a fitness Facebook group for a sense of camaraderie In pursuit of your fitness goals  
    • Post before, during, and after progress pictures to help track aesthetic progress and accountability  


  1. Join a group class

    • Classes help to accomplish most of the tips outlined here
    • They’re great for accountability in exercise adherence
    • They take the need to create a workout on your own for you
    • Usually, classes are either included in your gym membership or at a small additional fee when compared to personal training; therefore they’re financially feasible.


Putting it all together (Examples)


Tuesday Wednesday Thursday  Friday Saturday  Sunday
A Push/Lower Pull/Upper  Legs/Walk Push/Lower Pull/Upper Legs/Walk Stretching
B Group Training Elliptical Yoga Group Training  Pelaton Walking