3 Quick Yogurt-Buying Tips!

Is the yogurt section of your supermarket growing? I’ve noticed a big increase in the brands and types of yogurt that are now available at my local supermarket and more of my clients have been asking “what yogurt should I be eating?” So, here is a quick guide to help you with your yogurt selection:

1. Check the calories, saturated fat and sugar content: Look for a yogurt that has less than 150 calories, less than 1 gram of saturated fat and less than 20 grams of sugar for a 6 oz. serving. For a 4 oz. serving, choose one that has less than 120 calroies, less than 1 gram of saturated fat and less than 10 grams of sugar.

2. Check the %DV (Daily Value): Make sure your yogurt contains at least 20%DV for calcium per 6 oz. serving (15%DV for a 4 oz. serving). Vitmain D is not found in all brands of yogurt, so if you are not drinking vitamin D-containing milk or milk alternatives that are fortified with vitamin D (ex. fortified soy or almond milk), then you should choose a yogurt that also contains at least 15%DV for vitamin D.

3. If you are looking to support your digestive health with yogurt, look for specific words on the package: Look for the words “active culture” or “live culture” on the yogurt container or scan the ingredient list for specific strains like L bulgaricus, L casei, and S thermophilus.  Avoid yogurt with long ingredient lists as this usually means more fillers, artificial ingredients and additives that can upset sensitive digestive tracts.

Take a look at the yogurt in your refrigerator to see how it stacks up to the suggestions above and post any questions you have about yogurt!