3 Essential Tips for Your Next Business Trip

For many of Princeton Longevity Center’s clients, traveling for business is part of a normal work week. We’ve found that some simple tips can go a long way in improving and/or supporting one’s health on the road. Here is a small snap-shot of some tips we encourage our clients to focus on when traveling:

  1. Pack Snacks: Even if you don’t normally snack, packing snacks can help you to have a healthy option when meals are delayed, food choices are limited or time zone changes disrupt your usual eating patterns. Some healthy, portable ideas include the following:
  2. Use the HealthyOut app to quickly find (and even order) healthy restaurant dishes across the country. Check out their site or search “Healthy Out” in your phone’s “app” store. Another similar tool is www.HealthyDiningFinder.com where you can search using a zip code/town and the site will highlight “healthy” menu items at nearby restaurants; you can customize your menu item requirements (ex. low carb, low calorie, etc.) based on your needs. You can reference these resources ahead of time so that you have a plan for where you will eat and what you might order.
  3. Pack your medications: If you have prescription medications that you need to take, don’t forget to pack them so you take them as directed! It’s best to keep them in their original bottle and then put the bottle in a clear Ziploc bag in your carry on luggage. If you need to carry the medication with you during the day, you should bring an empty pill case that you can organize your medications into once you arrive at your destination so that you can carry it easily and discreetly during the day. Any supplements that have been recommended to you by your physician or dietitian should be packed as well.