15 Ways to Add Activity Into Your Day

  1. Take the stairs.
  2. Stretch in bed when you wake up.
  3. Do squats while brushing your teeth
  4. Perform push-ups waiting for the shower to warm up.
  5. Block time off in your calendar.
  6. Walk/bike/run to work if possible.
  7. Park far from the entrance.
  8. Stretch at your desk.
  9. Walk to send messages instead of emails and the phone.
  10. Clean the house.
  11. Walk the dog.
  12. Buy a pedometer, set a goal and track your steps.
  13. Break your workout up.. 3 ten minute intervals throughout the day.
  14. Get a quick workout in during lunch–think Tabata!
  15. Perform triceps dips on your chair.