Welcome to the future of Preventive Medicine

Princeton Longevity Center is a next-generation medical facility combining the most advanced technology with an integrated and individually-tailored Preventive Medicine program. Princeton Longevity Center’s Preventive Medicine and Executive Health programs give you the ability to take control of your future health – before the onset of symptoms or other indications of a problem.

Peace of Mind

A Princeton Longevity Center Comprehensive Preventive Exams combines the newest and most advanced technology with the most in-depth assessment available to detect potential health problems. Our preventive medicine experts will show you simple, easy adjustments you can make that won’t dramatically impact your lifestyle but will give you the tools you need to maximize your future health and keep you looking and feeling years younger. Our individually tailored programs will improve your health and longevity, enabling you to make the most of your future years – for you and the people who depend on you.

A Medical Team Devoted to Your Health—and Your Success

Named one of the country’s top centers for a Comprehensive or Executive Physical exam by the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine, the Princeton Longevity Center provides you with an exceptional level of personal care and attention.

Take Control Of Your Health

When you visit Princeton Longevity Center, you’ll be met by a team of professionals that provides an extensive series of medical assessments, diagnostic tests and health screenings. On the same day we’ll review all your results with you and give you as much time as you need to ask questions about them. Individualized attention from a team of Physicians, Exercise Physiologists, Registered Dietitians, Nurses and Patient Care Coordinators is a hallmark of our Preventive Medicine and Executive Health center. Patients come to Princeton Longevity Center because we’re not a hospital-based exam – we are the specialist in prevention and early disease detection.

You will find that one day with Princeton Longevity Center can provide more insight into your current and future health than all your previous routine annual exams combined.

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