Corporate and Executive Health Exams

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Corporate and Executive Health Exams

Your employees are your most valuable assets.  Protect them with the region’s most proactive and effective preventive and executive health center.

The Princeton Longevity Center Executive Health Program offers state-of-the-art diagnostic facilities and a level of personal time, care and attention that is unmatched. Our wide array of programs are designed to meet the unique needs of your entire staff from busy top corporate executives to entry level employees.

Dedicated to Prevention

Patients come to Princeton Longevity Center because we are not a hospital-based exam.  We are the specialist in prevention and executive health.

Named one of the country’s top centers for a Comprehensive or Executive Physical Exam by the Wall Street Journal and Forbes Magazine, the Princeton Longevity  Center provides you with an unparalleled level of personal care and attention.

At Princeton Longevity Center, we “go beyond your Father’s Annual Physical.” Each of our expert board-certified Physicians are scheduled for no more than three Comprehensive Executive Physicals per day. That means your executives get the most extensive examination and we take the time to make sure all their concerns are addressed.

With state of the art technology, our Executive Exams are able to detect the earliest evidence of the leading causes of death and disability years before any other tests. The exam is completed in one comfortable and informative day. And, because the latest medical research has shown our technology to be far more effective than a typical annual exam at detecting cardiac and cancer risk, your executives will get the best possible protection of their health and the “peace of mind” that comes with proper health screenings.

Effective and Efficient

Princeton Longevity Center makes the most of the busy executive’s time. Our Executive Exam, along with all the tests and consultations, are completed in one day. All the results and recommendations are presented in an individualized personal wellness plan that synthesizes all of the test results and medical findings ready to take home with you at the end of the day. With a Princeton Longevity Center Executive Physical Exam our patients leave our center newly excited and enthusiastic about improving their health.

The Princeton Longevity Center’s Executive Exams are the most comprehensive and effective you can find-making us also the most cost-effective.

You’ll receive this total, in-depth evaluation in one day and one place. We’ll make you comfortable and look after you every step of the way.

Best of all, you’ll get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are doing all you can to take care of your health and longevity—for yourself and for the people who care about you. This is not just an exam; it’s the start of your plan for staying well for the years to come.

Call us today for a corporate consultation and we will show you how Princeton Longevity Center can provide your executives with the highest level of care at a surprising affordable cost.

Concierge Service

Our Corporate Liaison office is there to make sure your executive has their every need attended to throughout the year. From special dietary needs to complex travel arrangements, we want to make sure the Executive Physical Exam is a completely stress-free and rewarding experience.

Travel Medicine

All Executive Physical Exams include recommendations for appropriate immunizations, disease prophylaxis and precautions for international travelers.  Most immunizations can be done at the time of the exam.

On-going Care

An Executive Physical Exam should be only the start of the path to disease prevention. We work with your executives throughout the year to monitor their progress in improving their health risk factors such as cholesterol levels, blood pressure, nutrition, fitness, stress reduction, and more. Our programs include interactive monitoring by our staff by in-person, video conference or telephone mentoring.

Corporate Wellness Programs

Keep your entire team in great shape while minimizing your long-term healthcare costs.

Our Corporate Wellness Programs can help you identify modifiable health risks that can lower your healthcare costs and motivate your employees to start making healthy lifestyle choices.

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