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The No Excuses Workout (Part 1)

Don’t have time to make it to the gym?  Don’t have any equipment on a business trip?  Can’t go for a run?  Well, here is your answer to save time, money, space, and take the thinking out of your exercise routine.

Perform 10-30 of the first four exercises and 1-30 of the last. Start at a slow pace, but gradually pick up your speed as you become more comfortable with your routine. 
You can start of with one set of each exercise and add in more exercises as you become more fit.  Spend 12 minutes performing the exercises (that’s 1 second per repetition, 30 repetitions and 5 circuits worth!)  and add more time as your fitness level increases- up to 50 minutes.

Body Weight Squat (10-30)
As low as you feel comfortable (not lower then parallel to the floor)

Jumping Jack (10-30)

Crunch or Curl Up (10-30)


Push-ups (10-30)

Squat Thrust (1-30)



For a workout that’s individualized to your schedule, goals and ability – schedule your Comprehensive Exam today and train with a PLC Exercise Physiologist who will design a  workout regimen that’s specific to you.



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