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Is Your Desk Hurting Your Golf Game?

Most of the professional world spends an excessive amount of time chained to their desks, phones and computers.  While these means of office productivity may have helped forge the path to success, what has it really done to you (and your golf game)? 
Long commutes and long days at the desk may have contributed to that lower back injury or loss of power and consistency in your golf game!  While our bodies are highly efficient machines and adapt to stress and the environment, some of these adaptations only work towards common patterns of overload.  For example - are you reading this sitting down? Consider your hips, knees and ankles are most likely flexed.  In order to make this position easier on the muscles and surrounding structures, our body can adaptively shorten or lengthen to these positions.  Large muscle groups like the hamstrings, hip flexors, quadriceps, and lower back muscles will gradually shift in direction to optimally fit your habits.
You may think – Aren’t adaptations a good thing? They may be when sitting but in any other position such as standing, swinging a golf club or sleeping, this is not as ideal.  Look at the golf swing in particular.  Most golfers know the importance of your hips in your golf swing (they need at least 85 degrees to achieve a full swing).  So, if those hip flexors are adaptively shortened, they can tilt your hips forward causing your trunk and abdominals to lengthen.  Now you have to swing 85 degrees on a bent axis. This can significantly hinder your golf swing and even lead to further imbalance down the kinetic chain of other joints (knees, shoulders, etc.). 

At Princeton Longevity Center – our exercise pros are specifically trained to recognize these problems and design a program that will help correct your imbalances. If interested in checking your muscle balance and flexibility, be sure to add the Golf Fitness with Golf Biomechanics to your Comprehensive Exam at the Princeton Longevity Center.

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