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The future of personalized medicine is here with a new paradigm for preventive care. With Genomic Medicine it is becoming possible to predict individual responses to medications, predict future disease risks and design nutritional and fitness programs specifically tailored to what is work best for your genetic makeup.

Combining Princeton Longevity Center's expertise in preventive medicine with cutting edge genomics can help you to prevent cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and diseases so you can make the most of your future.

The Genomics Exam Package includes:

Comprehensive Exam
Full Body Vascular and Heart Scan
Whole Exome Sequencing
1- year Access to Online Self-Updating Web Portal

Comprehensive Exam

Your exam starts with a thorough review of your medical history, a complete physical exam, cardiac stress test, pulmonary function tests, coronary artery CT scan, individualized fitness assessment and prescription, nutrition consultation and more.

Full Body Vascular Scan

Find the potentially life-threatening diseases that are often missed with physical exam or standard health screenings before they become symptomatic. High Definition CT Full Body Scans take a direct look inside to find the early stages of the leading killers: cancer, aneurysms, coronary and vascular disease.

Whole Exome Sequencing

Whole Exome Sequencing utilizes next-generation sequencing technology for a comprehensive reading of your complete exome, the portion of your DNA that codes for active genes.  Whole exome sequencing is more robust than other targeted genetic tests on the market, which focus on small groups of genes.

The vast majority of mutations that cause genetic disorders are found in the exome.  Finding the alterations that are present in your genetic code may provide deeper insight into your health risks and help us to individualize your preventive medicine plan.

Whole Exome Sequencing provides an analysis of over 22,000 genes, covering a vast majority of causative and related mutations for genetic disorders

Online Self-Updating Portal

Stay up to date with the latest information on your genetic health. The online portal will provide you with on-going access to all of your genetic information. As new information becomes available about the significance of a mutation, it will be automatically updated in your profile.


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