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I-Phone Apps to Help You Succeed in Health and Fitness
By: Chris Volgraf, CSCS

Lose It (Free)

1Easily one of the most attractive apps available, but still simple enough for novice users. Allows you to set goals, establish a daily calorie budget and track each day by recording your food and exercise and staying within your budget. Re-entering foods and exercise is a breeze with the extensive database and recall from past.








Fitness Builder (Free or $9.99 plus $4.99/month)

2Whether it is the free version or the Fitness Builder Plus with a $4.99 price tag, this is the premier fitness app on the map.  With everything in this world, you get what you pay for…so if you decide to spring for the Plus version, you will have endless uses for this app.  Get from 2000-5000 pics of exercises, 200-500 prebuilt workouts, exercise logging, and even inspirational communication capabilities with a health professional or someone in your support group.  This app is not for jump in head first crowd, as it will easily take you a week or more to navigate the app completely to figure out how it is best suited for you.



Men’s Health ($1.99, but you can spend much more)

3As Men’s Health says, this app “puts the power of the world's largest men's magazine on your iPhone and iPod Touch, featuring exclusive workouts from the world's top strength coaches, athletes, and fitness experts”.   If you are a fan of the magazine and its asthetic appeal, then look no further.  Like many other fitness apps, it provides numerous pictures of exercises, pre constructed programs, allows for logging, has a stop watch for monitoring rest periods and has a built in menu of extra programs so you can spend more money!!!  There is even a Women’s Health version to cater to the female iphone user.





Yoga Stretch ($1.99)

4Yoga STRETCH gives the user a list of poses (both novice and advanced) and informs you of the physical and mental benefits of each pose…like improving upper body posture. Yoga Stretch allows you to set the time of your session, pause, and even skip an undesirable pose. While the instructor on the app is very knowledgable, I would still recommend this app for the experienced or advanced Yogi…beginners should still seek professional instruction.






Gym Goal ABC (Free)

5GymGoal ABC Free offers you a very basic way of working out and tracking your “basic” program. Once again, you do get what you pay for, so don’t expect the world from this app, but it is certainly a good starter for the novice exerciser. GymGoal ABC Free offers animated pictures and videos, showing complete workouts. The animations are done very well, which makes following the workouts very simple and consistent. All things considered it is a good app, but there are better choices for the serious exerciser/user.



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