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Top 10 Exercise Program Mistakes

By: Chris Volgraf, EP, CSCS,HFI, TPI-2

Are you getting the most out of your exercise program? Could you even be sabotaging your program unknowingly? Here are the Top 10 most common mistakes that I see even the most athletic clients making. Do yourself a favor and avoid these road blocks at all costs…your body will thank you for it!

  1. Treating your Exercise Program as permission to eat whatever and whenever you want. Remember it takes just 10 extra calories a day to add on 2 pounds per year or 20 pounds in ten years. That’s equivalent to just one extra M&M per day!
  2. Starting a new or different exercise program without being assessed by an exercise professional or doctor. Only a true health professional can tell if your body is ready to start a new exercise program to limit serious injury.
  3. Training to your strengths and ignoring your body’s weaknesses. Don’t just do the stuff that is easy for you.
  4. Training the “Mirror Muscles” (muscles on the front of the body) and forgetting about the muscles on the backside of the body. To promote muscular balance and proper posture and reduce chance of injury – you must have a well rounded exercise routine.
  5. Performing Static Stretching before Resistance Training. It is a must to know what dynamic warm-ups are and incorporate them into your exercise routine. Click Here for more on dynamic warm-ups.
  6. Too much cardio. 30-60 min/session on your cardio routine are too much if you’re not including High Intensity Interval Training in your program.
  7. Drinking sports drinks throughout your day when you perform long-low intensity cardio exercise only a few times a week. These are full of calories and usually sugar too. Drink water instead – it will help keep you hydrated and comes in at zero calories.
  8. Not including core stabilization in your routine. Be sure to include rotational and upward and downward diagonal movements in your core training.
  9. Isolating body parts instead of training movement patterns. Focusing on movement patterns will help eliminate the over-training of certain muscle groups and subsequently avoid muscle imbalances.
  10. Thinking that all Resistance Training will make you too muscular or unfeminine. Lean body mass is the fountain of youth!

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