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Asymptomatic RENAL CANCER

This 45 year old patient was seen for a Comprehensive Exam. The patient did not report any Abdominal pain, blood in the urine or urinary tract symptoms. All laboratory tests, including urinalysis, were completely normal.

The Full Body CT Scan showed a 2.5 cm low density mass in the mid portion of the right kidney. This mass could represent either a benign cyst or an early tumor.

renal Mass

A CT Scan with IV dye was obtained at the same visit.

renal Mass

This scan indicated this was a 2.5 cm cancer of the right kidney.

The patient underwent surgery with removal of a portion of the kidney. The tumor was completely encapsulated and there has been no evidence of spread or recurrence of the tumor.

Kidney cancer is often advanced disease by the time it is discovered. The initial symptoms often include blood in the urine, flank pain, weight loss, fever, high blood pressure or night sweats.  When it metastasises, it most commonly spreads to the lymph nodes, lungs, liver, brain or bones.  Once it has spread, the prognosis for cure dramatically decreases.

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